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How To Identify Days with Highest Conversion Rates

Why you must know which day of the week has the highest conversion rate and how to leverage the data to optimize your website conversion rates.

Importance of conversion rate patterns

It is critical to incorporate tools that break down all of the data into simple, yet comprehensive graphs to ensure that your marketing efforts are beneficial.

Two possible ways to analyze your conversion rate data are:

1) Determine which days have the highest conversion rates

Once you set a goal for conversion — in this case the goal is registering on the site — you can segment the goal by day-of-week and then clearly see which day receives the highest conversion rates.

In the example illustrated in the graph below, Saturday yields the highest conversion rates, while Friday clearly displays the lowest conversion rates.


Conversion Segmentation By Day-Of-Week

In this case, you can focus your marketing campaigns to reach potential customers on Saturdays, since that is your most successful day. This is one way to interpret your data and can be measured over time. Always remember that the statistics may change and it is important to go back and do the analysis again every once in a while. Especially if you acted upon what you found in order to improve the overall conversion rate.

Another option for responding to the results displayed in the graph is to focus some marketing efforts to your Friday visitors with special deals using targeted campaigns. Entice them with free temporary subscriptions to your products and services, or free gifts for signing up for your newsletter. By targeting this specific segment you encourage them to convert, without affecting other segments or cohorts.

When analyzing this graph, you can see that simple segmentation provides a baseline for you to build on and modify your marketing plans if required.

2) Let the BI engine find meaningful segments automatically

The BI Engine can determine which days have the highest conversion rates, versus the highest number of visitors.

When comparing the two graphs below, you can see that although the number of visitors is highest on Mondays, the conversion rate is highest on Tuesdays.


BI Engine Finds Automatically Cohorts with Low or High Conversion Rate

Most marketers would direct social media campaigns on Mondays, assuming that they would reach the largest audience and as a result, increase their conversion rates. Although visitors are extremely important, knowing what day your target market is in active mode, will lead to more conversions.

Zoom Analytics’ BI engine analyzes all the collected data automatically and finds cohorts that have high or low conversion. In this case the BI engine found that in the dimension of day-of-week there is a meaningful cohort – Tuesday is the most lucrative day for marketing campaigns. This tool aids marketers with analysis and strategies. In this case, since the BI engine suggests that Tuesday be the focus for additional campaigns, there are some strategies that you can implement.

Marketing strategies based on the BI Engine recommendations

  • Focus on increasing traffic to your site on Tuesdays through social media campaigns and paid ads
  • Saturday has the lowest conversion rate, so create an inbound campaign that targets viewers on Saturday by offering them special discounts, or free gifts for signing up for your newsletter
  • Offer your Saturday visitors the option of reminder emails so they can sign up later. This lets you try and convert them at later time
  • Engage Saturday visitors to further increase  your Tuesday conversion numbers