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Exciting New Features

Dear friends and customers,
We are excited to update you on some of the things we’ve been working on in the past few months, and are already available here.

Some Of The Exciting New Features:

  • Campaign To Get Likes To Your Facebook Page

  • MailChimp Integration

  • Multiple Websites Under One Account

  • Greeting-Bar Campaign

  • Rules To Activate Campaigns On

  • Smart Filter

More details below…


Campaign To Get Likes To Your Facebook Page

Just add the URL of your Facebook page to the campaign template and that’s it. We will track automatically the likes you get from the campaign popup. As with any campaign, you can track the performance in the Segmentation page. You can select to show the campaign just to some of your visitor segments, show it only once every X days and more. Campaign can appear when user leave the website (“exit-intent”) or after specific number of seconds. You can click here to see how it looks (when live in your website it will not appear immediately as in this preview).

MailChimp Integration

Get your leads directly to your Mailchimp list. When you define a lead-generation campaign, just mark the ‘send to Mailchimp’ box, enter your API key and list ID and that’s it. Note that you need the field names to match in the campaign form and the Mailchimp list.

Multiple Websites Under One Account

You can have multiple websites under one umbrella account (depending on plan). Great for agencies. Just choose the website you wish to work on from a drop-down menu and that’s it. Adding websites is done from the Settings page.

Greeting-Bar Campaign

Show a dynamic greeting message to your visitors based on rules you define. A greeting bar with CTA button “Get 10% discount coupon!” or with a single-field form to get leads “subscribe to our newsletter”. The greeting message will appear on the top of the page (will push your content down). Either in fixed position or non-fixed. Fixed means that when users scroll down, the bar stays at the top position of the page and always in sight. Non-fixed means the greeting bar will appear inline with the page – when user scrolls down the message scrolls with the page. Controlling the type (fixed or non-fixed) is just a check-box for you. You can create a greeting bar campaign here.

Rules To Activate Campaigns On

For any campaign you can define rules that will cause it to appear or not to appear. The following rules already supported, more to come:

  • Which pages to be active on
  • Entry time – either user’s local time or UTC time
  • Day-of-week
  • Visit duration
  • Pages the visitor has seen during the current visit (e.g. show the campaign only to visitors who saw the ‘pricing’ page)
  • Pages the visitor has not seen during the current visit (e.g.: show the campaign only to visitors who didn’t see the ‘New products’ page)
  • Referrer or Original referrer (e.g.: show only to visitors coming from Facebook)
  • Number of previous visits
  • Geo-location
  • Language
  • HTML element visible or not visible on page
  • Value of JavaScript variable (under ‘Advanced Options’)

Smart Filter

When analyzing graphs you can apply the Smart Filter to remove non-significant values. When turned on it will remove cohorts that have 100% conversion and cohorts that have too few visitors in them. 100% conversion is usually not interesting. It can happen for example when you want to find connection between a goal and pages visited. The page in which the goal appears will have 100% conversion. Simple example to make it clear: ‘Signup’ goal is in the landing page, so 100% of people who achieved goal ‘Signup’ also saw page ‘landing page’. The Smart Filter gives you graphs you can actually understand since they do not include a lot of the noise that appears in most graphs.

Zoom Analytics is out of private Beta

Who would have thought that during the private beta we’d track more than 60,000,000 events, generate more than 10,000 insights and activate more than 20,000 targeted campaigns? and the numbers keep going up!

A few weeks ago we finished our 6-months private-beta.

We learned a lot from our beta customers and the product has taken a great leap forward during that period.

We think now is a good time to recap.

No Tool Had Good & Simple Conversion Analysis

The journey started more than a year and a half ago – while working on another project we couldn’t find a Web Analytics tool that gave us what we wanted – that lets us easily understand who are the visitors that interest us most. We wanted statistical information about those visitors. We had tools that showed us the exact people that converted. But we wanted a statistical overview of those good (and ‘bad’) visitors. Where do the visitors with high conversion rate come from? what do they do on the website before they convert? What day of the week they are likely to convert, etc. We checked dozens of Analytics tools out there and found nothing that gave us what we were looking for. With part of the tools you could work hard to get a single statistical perspective. But we wanted to see many perspectives and to really understand the ‘digital persona’ of our visitors. We then understood that we will need to do it ourselves, and Zoom Analytics was born (initially as XY Analytics).

Actionable insights to boost conversion rate

Boost conversion rate using actionable insights and targeted campaigns

Started With Conversion Analytics And BI Engine

When we started the private beta we had a conversion-focused Web Analytics tool with embedded BI Engine. The Analytics let you easily see conversion of any cohort compared to other similar cohorts. The BI engine analyzed all the website data and provided Actionable Insights on the website goals and visitors – identifying visitor segments that have high conversion or low conversion; cohorts that are likely to bounce and all kinds of Actionable Insights.

The beta customers loved the plain-English insights but we understood that something is still missing:  OK, so now you know that visitors coming from Spain have low conversion;  or that during the weekend you have many visitors but they don’t convert well. But what can you do about those bouncing visitors?

Added Inbound Real-Time Campaigns

That’s when we added the 3rd part of our package – the real-time campaigns. We let you target specific visitor segments with a custom offer using popups. Now you can target those visitors from Spain that don’t convert well with a custom message in Spanish,if they haven’t converted already.

At this point Zoom Analytics has a comprehensive solution for the Marketer and Business Owner: Conversion-Focused Web Analytics, BI Engine and Real-Time Inbound Campaigns.

We now take you From Data => To Insights => To Actions.

We invite you to join the journey and affect the way we are going – we are tuned to our customers.