How To Find Conversion Rate of Specific Segments

When analyzing a goal it is important to understand the conversion rate of specific visitor segments or cohorts. For example: 14% of visitors who were referred by ‘Bing’ achieved goal ‘signup’. This means that ‘Bing’ has conversion rate of 14%. If you look just at the absolute number of visitors you might be missing important information: ‘Google’ may be driving x5 more traffic than ‘Bing’ but with lower conversion rate.
Back to Segmentation: first you choose the dimension you want to analyze (e.g. geo-location, time-of-day, referrer, etc.), and then look at the conversion rate of the sub-segments. There might be many sub-segments in some cases (for example countries) so you should remove cohorts that are too small. The ‘smart-filter’ will do that for you when you enable it for a specific graph.
The following short tutorial video demonstrates how to segment a goal by geo-location and find statistically meaningful countries.

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